Saturday, February 24, 2007

thanking god for PDAs

Yesterday was close! So close that if i didn't run all the way home from the subway station, and post before i went to the washroom, i probably wouldnt have made it. To be completely honest, i totally forgot all about posting until i was forced to watch a couple make out all the way from College to St. Andrew station. Watching them made me want to write a long rant about PDAs which reminded me i hadn't posted yet! However, since the gross couple helped me stay in the contest i will save my rant for some other time. Infact, if i win the contest (which i will), i might even be willing to thank them!


Gary said...

i thought you were talking about the little devices you can use to possibly make a post. why don't you just post when you wake up in case, like goodmorning blog

Joyce said...

hahaa..when i read ur blog fri night i was wondering if that's why you wanted to leave starbucks early. haha :P