Saturday, March 03, 2007

starbucks math

this afternoon, as i was studying away in my local starbucks, i ordered a drink that i dont often order and was surprised at its price. It was cheaper than i expected! This got me thinking about about ghetto lattes, and how one can customize this drink to save a quarter or two. I know to some it doesnt seem like a lot - but at the rate i drink starbucks, it probably adds up to a large enough amount to make a difference.

i've got two ghetto drinks so far. I'll post them, when i get to 3! Dont worry, i have 2 more midterms to go and then 4 finals. I'm sure i'll have the third in an hour or so ;)

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Joyce said...

have i sent you the starbucks gossip blog link? i know we talked about the ghetto latte before, but i saw it on an old post as well. there are 600 comments on this ghetto latte post, from baristas to customers. it's amazing HOW angry these baristas are when people try to find ways to get a cheaper drink. did you hear about the ghetto hot chocolate? venti hot water w/ cocoa powder, sugar and milk from the condiments bar. hahahaa

hope you did well on ur exam!!! :D