Tuesday, March 11, 2008

thank you SATC for helping me find my soulmate

It's official! I'll be watching SATC, the movie, in Richmond, VA, with my best friend Stinky!

We were both in university when new seasons of SATC were on TV, and our weekend plans would always revolve around making sure we would be home to watch Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda prance around NYC in pretty clothes and then take them off in their bedrooms, cabs, restaurants, other people's homes etc. These were the days before PVR/TiVo/streaming shows from the Internet, so if we missed an episode, there was no way to watch it until it was repeated. Which meant waiting a ridiculously long time, for an extremely important life lesson, that we could relate to, even though we were in our early twenties living in a small university town, and they were in their mid-thirties living in Manhattan.

In January 2003, when I moved to NYC for my internship, I made a list of all the NYC places the SATC girls had gone, and went to them all myself: Sushi Samba for dinner, Magnolia for cupcakes, Tao for drinks, and Tequila Flats for margaritas, just to name a few. I wanted to be Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda, I wanted to live their lives. I wanted to have their sex. I already had the drama and the city and the friends. All I needed was the sex and the expensive bags. Lets just say, neither of them happened.

When Stinky moved to NYC after graduation, every time I went to see her, we'd visit more city sites made famous by the show. We bought the DVDs and watched them religiously, absorbing every word Carrie would say, like she was preaching from the Bible, like she was going to teach us how to have a great life. Giving us hope that one day we too will be 35 dancing around New York in pretty shoes, making men with commitment issues realizing we are the one (every girl's dream, no?).

After watching the DVDs about 10 times, I stopped dreaming for the SATC life, and started living my own life again. My life is still full of drama, but thank god I also still have my great friends to prance around in somewhat pretty clothes, and that there is a cupcake shop in Toronto, for every girls nite in.

I am excited to see what the SATC girls have been up to in the past few years. I hope they have grown up and that the drama has died down. Giving us hope that one day we can truly have it all, pretty clothes, great friends, and lots of sex with the same guy each nite (sometimes more than once a nite).

I am even more excited that even though we live miles apart, in two different countries, that Stinky and I are still best friends. We were watching together the night that Charlotte asked the girls in the coffee shop on the eve of Carrie's 35th birthday "Why can't we be each other's soul mates, and men can just be these really cute, nice guys that we have fun with?" It was exactly the same way we were feeling about each other! I can't imagine watching this movie with anyone else. Love you stinky, my soul mate.

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mod girl 80 said...

oh its so true! my roomate jas and i were addicted to satc, we even started making our own carrieisms without noticing it or wanting to. it was much easier to be single when that show was on the air...